Space Angels Expedition 18

UPDATE 2018/07/30: Expedition 18 is now SOLD OUT! For everyone who is attending, you will be receiving direct communications from the Space Angels team about the event details. For those of you on the waitlist, we will be in touch with you should any seats become available. If you would like to join the waitlist, please complete the application below.

“The company, the people who put it on, the kind of people who show up are just phenomenal. I learn so much every time.” — Don Weidner

Don’s sentiments about attending Expedition in years past is typical. And as great as his experiences have been, Space Angels is aiming to design an experience for this year’s Expedition that focuses on innovations that will bring the entrepreneurial space into the future.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that our efforts in raising our profile, influence, and leadership in the entrepreneurial space sector and the space community in general have started to pay off. Our aim is to give the industry something truly remarkable to talk about going forward, and we’re planning on making our annual Expedition the centerpiece.

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