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Updated August 1, 2019

As a Space Angels® member, you will have access to our investment platform with a wealth of diligence information about companies seeking investment and, as such, are expected to adhere to the following principles of membership:

1. Members are expected to respect the confidentiality of information provided

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4. When information about and access to an investment opportunity have been provided, members are expected to invest through Space Angels® and may not syndicate on any other platform or for any other group (non-circumvent and non-compete)

5. In an effort to provide you with tax information in the most convenient and timely manner, all K-1’s and other related tax documents will be delivered solely electronically. By accessing this platform you are providing your consent, in accordance with a ruling made by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (Revenue Procedure 2012-17). To withdraw your consent, please contact us at ir@spaceangels.com